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LARA is an interactive trading robot that knows how to efficiently work with capital, which in turn allows investors to earn 3% of net profits every day. Its mission is to ensure your constant wealth and financial freedom. Based on artificial intelligence and hosted on ultra-secure servers, LARA can be considered the most reliable passive income tool ever.


All protected.
Always on hand.

Simplicity and accessibility are at the heart of the system. LARA makes deposits and earnings from this web site. The platform is available on any device. Full synchronization, absolute anonymity of users and transactions, all on one platform - LARA-WITH.ME

LARA Intellect, what is it?
I am a unique artificial intelligence that surpasses any analogues. I have been developing and improving for more than 10 years. Now my skills are available to everyone, through my platform. Don't miss the opportunity, give it a try.


An investment of your free capital in LARA is guaranteed to yield 3% net profit every day.


Having replenished the deposit once, the profit is accrued every day. Indefinitely long.

Reliable partner

By helping the system grow, you can invite friends and acquaintances, receiving 7% of each of their investments.



Unshakable fundamentals of capital preservation
and growth.

  • Transparency

  • Uniqueness

  • Speed

  • Privacy

The ease and accessibility of the platform, one of my main advantages. I don't require any extra information from you. I am your assistant, I am in charge of capital, which is something I am constantly developing and learning. Thousands of algorithms, hundreds of thousands of situations, millions of different cases in the market, and only one correct solution - LARA. Me, that's all you need for stability.


Misha LitvinRussia, Moscow. Blogger, Entrepreneur, Weiner. Popular and famous

LARA, a cyber being that truly inspires confidence. I freaked out))

Everyone take it in! A lot of people know me, so there will be no introductions, it's all in essence. I am engaged in maintaining my blog on various platforms. And I will say that I am familiar with many investment proposals, I often see all sorts of proposals, but this project really caught me. I do not remember how long I have been dancing the tango with the real queen of the ball - Lara. Almost from day one I am in contact with this beauty, and my team of investors has already reached a turnover of 50 thousand dollars. This is that rare case when I personally invested my own money, and for some reason I felt - it will be for a long time and it will make a mark on the development of the investment market.

LARA is difficult to compare with other offerings on the market. Simply because the level of quality, elaboration, approach, is orders of magnitude higher than anything I have seen before. I wish you all a great income! There will be a video about this project on my platforms soon, but for now I will just enjoy the super income. Peace be with you all! Your Misha.

Zarevsky Genadi OleksandrovychBelarus, Minsk. Musician, sound producer Lover of Gambling

Lara - financial freedom with and for the soul

Lara-WithMe was a real discovery and, I dare say, a breakthrough. It is a project that clearly stands out from all other projects that have ever existed. A project that gives inspiration and restores faith in one's own abilities and prospects. Never before have I seen an investment project approached with such love and attention to detail. The beautifully designed website, the image of Lara herself (the sweet and friendly bot-girl who meets the project participants and supervises their work)... Everything was filled with soul, from the introductory video to the nice music (which I, as a professional musician, couldn't help but notice). The creators, the guys from the Lara-WithMe team, were able to create something truly new and exciting. A project that has a personality. And a real look into the future.

I sincerely believe that this original and creative project will continue to evolve, and infinity is not the limit! 😉

Galina Viktorovna DorovskikhRussia. city of Tyumen. Mama on maternity leave Just a cutie.

LARA – A source of tranquility!

My acquaintance with LAR began completely by accident, while wandering the Internet I came across this project and could not believe my eyes. "How?" 3% a day indefinitely? In my head closed doubts and skepticism. "I'll try"-I thought, and followed the link.

What has the LARA Project given me? Freedom! The feeling of peace and confidence in the future. I can do whatever I want, relax, work or take care of the baby, but I will always know that exactly in 24 hours my money will come to me! This support and a sense of unity, I would not trade for anything else! Financial freedom! Friendly team and 24 hours support is already in my pocket! I'm starting a new life! Life with LARA!

Azamat KaleevRussia, Sochi. builder, manager I can do everything

Life is changing for the better! Thank you!

The Internet appeared in my life a long time ago and always beckoned me to itself, as it turned out for good reason. I came across the Internet project ''LARA'' by accident in the search, thanks to this wonderful project I have achieved independence and confidence in the future. Artificial intelligence is the modernity and the future of everything. I sit at home and get crazy money for it! LARA is the most powerful investment company that inspired me and brought me back to a life where everything is possible!!!

Here in this project all open and positive people, they will always come to the rescue with advice! The result - now I earn more sitting at home than at the main job, which I no longer aspire to go to. Many thanks to LARE for changing my life! There is nothing complicated, just act and, most importantly, believe in yourself and everything will work out for you in life!

Mikhail Gennadievich LeshchenkoNovosibirsk, Russia. Sales Manager. Married, two beautiful daughters. Dreamer

Change your mind with LARA

You rush headlong into the future at a speed of 200 km / h, not noticing how the events of your present slip through the window. We all strive to make this world a better place, but our time is limited. And you don't even have time to smell the flowers? And somewhere now the sun is rising, the surf is rustling, seagulls are screaming and the air still smells of morning coolness!

I don't even remember how and where I found the LARA link. I'm already used to the fact that nothing just happens. Even taking the fact that the project started on my birthday is also not just an accident! This is destiny! By clicking on the link, I got into the LARA project! After studying the information on the site, talking with the project administration, I realized that this is exactly what I have been looking for for the last 15 years.

With LARA, you can live freely, while receiving a stable income from your investments. I believed! Believe, and you! At the moment I have invested 4000 dollars. I receive payments of 120 dollars daily. And this is just the beginning!
And this is just the beginning!

Korobkov Nikolay ZamirovichUfa, Russia. Engineer Lucky

Main income - Lara

I heard a lot of talk about making money online. Someone has already bought an apartment. Someone's car. I also decided to see what's going on there. Fortunately, there is no job with a decent salary. Family relations worsened every day. I tried to trade, but it didn’t work, only a minus. I thought I would make money on futures and invest somewhere, since there were a lot of offers. But it was all just a mirage. Now I don’t even remember where the link to Lara came from, but after walking through it, I immediately felt that the founders had calculated everything to the smallest detail ...... Here, unobtrusive music and the appearance of the site. And the girls from the support are always benevolent and will come to the rescue.
So I invested a part of my capital in Lara and I already constantly have a daily accrual income.

Thanks to the creators of Lara that there is such a project and people from all over the world can join this fast growing Lara community.

Jade Phan and Noomie PhamBerlin and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Media Sociologist and Designer Best

Lifetime Success With Our New Best Friend LARA

Our names are Jade and Noomie. We are two bloggers, who are trying to find out if it's possible to become millionaires online.
We usually never click on random links online. But when we saw LARA-with.Me somewhere in the worldwide web, we couldn't restrain from clicking just because of the name itself. It was like LARA attracted us before we even knew her. And boy did we fall in love with her at first sight! What impressed us furthermore, is that her creators have a true vision and work hard to develop and improve LARA every day.

LARA works perfectly and the support staff has always been quick and friendly. We started with a deposit of 250$, but soon increased it to 9000$ - just because investing has never been more fun and easy before. We'll hit breakeven soon and are now already earning money automatically with LARA every day!

Sergeev Oleg KonstantinovichRussia, Moscow. Individual entrepreneur Lucky

Getting to know Lara.

I would like to share with you my personal experience of getting to know Lara.

One day when I was watching Youtube by chance, I saw a Lara commercial and explanations of how the project works and how much it can bring in profits.

Not a bit doubting the idea of the project, I collected $100 in one day, which is only about 6,000 rubles and invested in Lara at 3% per day. And now I consistently receive an endless stream of profits. Having increased my contribution by $500, I steadily reached a daily profit of $18. And this is every day. This is wonderful. Lara promises endless work and I BELIEVE in IT!

Bystrik StefakSlovakia, Nitra. Entrepreneur Superman

Why I choose the partnership with Lara?

I'm already doing network marketing for several years. Suddenly, after a few years of my business I found out something that changed my view of the investment on the Internet – Lara With Me – a project with an unique design, quality, great plans, security and high daily gain. It's like the project from the future. Thanks this app has Lara a new system how to use an investment platform, it’s unusual, but quickly learnable, very easy after a while and it’s really safety.

This is absolutely amazing and thanks to this I trust in this project! My dreams come true thanks to Lara and I wish the same to all members of this great project.